Every good story always has a beginning…

For the longest time, I’ve always been told that I have a unique perspective on the world; that my mind is something that far few people can understand yet it needs to be shared.  I guess I never quite understood why so many people would say these things to me; from friends, family, and work colleges but I finally feel I need to express it.  This just seems to be the most logical way of doing it now a days.

At almost 37 years old, I’ve decided to create this blog for not just my sanity but for everyone else to get enjoyment from it.  To talk about a range of topics in the world today; from technology and entertainment, music, movies, video games, sports, to world events and news worthy happenings that I feel need to be brought to the forefront.  To have a forum for healthy discussions from all sides of the spectrum.  To have fun and make people laugh.



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1998, the year that Phantasoft was born. I first created it with my cousin as a small business aimed towards computer sales, network installations, and web site designs after I earned a degree in Personal Computer/Networking Technology with a minor in Business. Things were great but in late 2002 the market became flooded with pop up computer businesses everywhere that Phantasoft needed to go through a change. We split the tech end into Phantasoft Systems and created Music, a source for up and coming artists to get their voice heard. We also launched Software, a small gaming division, and Films, a independent film company. In 2009, I temporarily closed all the divisions because we tried to do to much all at once and I lost passion for it all. I focused on getting my head cleared and finding my creative passions again because that was in the end the core of my being. In 2014 I began to brain storm and began creating a new vision for Phantasoft with the help of some good friends and we started creating our new project to soon be released to the masses. In 2016...Welcome to that vision!

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